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There was just an hour to go for 16-year-old beauty Aisha-bibi to meet with her lover. But a tragedy cut the girlrs life short. There are 28 variations of the legend of Aisha-Bibi. According to the most popular and saddest version, Aisha-Bibi was the daughter of well-known in 11th century scholar and poet Khakim-Ata Suleiman Bakyrgani. After her fathers death, Aisha was brought up by Sheikh Aikhodzha (Zangi-Ata). When the governor of Taraz Karakhan Mukhammed (for whom Karakhan Mausoleum in Taraz was built) asked for the young beautys hand, her stepfather rejected the suitor, because Karakhan was not a descendant of the prophet (sayyid), as Aisha was. She then outwitted her hard-hearted stepfather by pretending to lead an army for jihad against the idolaters (Kara-Khitans). Secretly however, she rode towards Taraz. Unfortunately, Karakhan never met his young bride; she died of snakebite at Asa River. Mourning the death of the girl, Karakhan erected the mausoleum of fairytale beauty at this place. A friend and fellow traveler of Aisha named Babadzhi-Khatun became the custodian of the grave. When she died, she was buried within 20 steps from Aisha, and a mausoleum was erected over her as well. Today nobody can say what color her eyes were, but we know she loved and was loved. All legends follow the same general plot: A girl disobeys her parents out of love for her a noble in Taraz and dies by entering a body of water near the city. The Legend empasizes the belief in Central Asia of obedience to elders as the highest value. Ask the happiness and love as strong as Aisha and Karakhan had is one of the highest duties of every marriage and wedding process in Taraz. This article desighned to my sister, Kamila, who recently got married to Erbol